Power Tee - xConnect - 3-2-3 Core (Male - Female - Female) - Round Wire - Black (Hybrid Pigtails)

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Power Tee used to inject power into the line without splicing. This version has a long female center and short extensions along the top.

Many times a different connector is used for power injection and this tee gives extra cable on the center leg for the xConnect to be removed and replaced with a different style connector.

It can also be bent parallel with the top and will not line up with the other connectors, allowing it to fit into tighter spaces than other tees.

Note: This is the tee only. The center leg is compatible with our 2-Core pigtails and the top legs are compatible with our 3-Core Pigtails and Extensions. The 2-Core & 3-Core connectors are not compatible with each other.

* Dimension are approximate as they slightly vary per item.


  • xConnect
  • Left - Male (3 pin)
  • Center - Female (2 pin)
  • Right - Female (3 pin)


  • 8 1/2" x 7" x 1"